Billing inquiries

Questions about a bill you received?

Haverstraw Ambulance Corps is a registered 503c volunteer ambulance corps that provides emergency pre-hospital care to the sick and injured, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay or financial/ insurance status. In order to keep our four New York State Certified ambulances fully stocked, fueled and equipped to respond to any emergency, we are required to bill for our services in addition to receiving tax deductible donations and funding from our tax district.

The cost of providing quality reliable emergency medical services to those who need it can be expensive. Most of the equipment we use is disposable due to infection control policies, and the equipment that is not disposable is very expensive. One example is that each of our ambulances is required to carry a defibrillator (to shock people’s hearts) and each unit costs approximately $5000.

Haverstraw Ambulance Corps uses the funding we receive to cover all operating costs such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, uniforms, equipment and insurance. While this list is not all inclusive, it gives the reader a good idea of where the money goes. If there is a surplus at the end of each fiscal year, Haverstraw Ambulance Corps returns that surplus to offset the cost of paid Paramedic Services provided by the town, which in turn lessens the burden on us, the tax payer.

If you have received a bill related to your being treated by the Haverstraw Ambulance Corps please contact our contracted billing service MED 3000 – (800) 207-5737. To expedite your questions and resolution please DO NOT call the ambulance corps directly as we will not be able to help you with billing inquiries.

Need a copy of your Pre-Hospital Care Report?  Please send a request in writing to:

Haverstraw Ambulance Corps, Inc.
160 North Route 9W
Haverstraw, New York 10927
Attn: Records Department